8391ice Tv is 8391ice's Youtube channel. He created it on August 30, 2009. 8391ice Tv is a comedy starring himself and his best friend, Danimals3. 8391ice uses AVS Video Editor to edit, improve, and add pizzazz to his videos. There used to be 3 characters; the first one was 8391ice, the second was Danimals3, and the third was Awesomeo776. Awesomeo776 banned his account after about 7 more days of 8391ice starring him in his videos, because it was the only way to stop 8391ice from using it in his videos. However, it is not proven that Awesomeo776 did this on purpose. 8391ice only put two and two together to figure it out. He has no evidence that it is true, but he assumes it is so. Furthermore, there could be at least 3 possibillities:

1: Awesomeo776 might have set the whole thing up to get 8391ice to fly into a rage, but it horribly failed.

2. Some hacker must have banned his account.

3. Awesomeo776 banned himself so he could no longer paticipate in 8391ice's videos.

More information about Awesomeo776 is that he plays the accordian in 8391ice's band. He also starred in 8391ice's Club Penguin comedy Youtube Channel that inspired 8391ice to make his own, CpBroadcast, in the episode, Club Penguin-Life Exchange.

In 8391ice's first experience of Youtube-making, his videos had no sound most of what 8391ice and the other characters said were too fast to read and had to be paused. Here are some examples of them:

CPC-The Last Day Of Cp School

CPC-Being The Mailman On Cp

CPC-8391ice And The Broken Machine Part 1

CPC-8391ice And The Broken Machine Part 2

It was soon decided that they needed some improvement, although they HAVE gotten a lot of views, so 8391ice is now more precise with his videos. See, 'Making The Videos' below for more details.

Making The VideosEdit

"Well, after the witnisses of many problems during the making of my videos, I decided to fix them. But they were already shown live. Once they are uploaded, there's no way I could change 'em. But that was no problem at all. I promised to never make videos like that ever again.

"The next couple videos I made were much better. But I seemed to have kept my promise a bit half-right, because they weren't like the last ones, but did have different problems than them. Some of the lines were recorded for too long, and the scenes had to be skipped until they got to the next, and that was ALL thanks to Screen Recorder Gold. It's another kind of video editing program like Unregistered Hypercam, and I wouldn't suggest you guys using it. It was my fault. See, Hypercam 2 had some problems. The range kept moving where my mouse cursor was, and that SERIOUSLY got in the way of video-making.

"So I found a desperate solution. I would make my next video with Screen Recorder Gold again, and I would record it with Hypercam 2, trying hard not to move my cursor, or it would get messed up. When some scenes came slow, I would pause Hypercam and record again when the next scene came on. I would repeat this until the video was completed. So if you guys were wondering why I had Screen Recorder Gold and Hypercam 2 BOTH at the top-left corner of my videos, now at least you know the whole story.

"My solution worked out pretty great. Oh, and if the scenes were just right without Hypercam, I would just add the video to Youtube without recording it with Hypercam. Of course, one problem remained: no sound. Because neither recording program had the ability to record any sound, there was no way to add sound unless I used my camera. And let me tell you, it wasn't easy making a good video with THAT thing also helping out.

"My camera was a purple Kidzoom camera. My aunt got it for me for my 9th birthday. I was REALLY excided at first, but when I started recording stuff with it, there was no light. I did try using the light-function, but then it was too bright. When I used a lamp, it NEVER helped for some reason. I don't blame my aunt, though, because she didn't know it had those problems. And if I knew it would have problems when I used the camera, I'd have to hide my dissapointment, because my aunt said it was SUPER hard-to-find, and she didn't sound like she was lying, either.

"But I got the sound-problem out of the way and decided to do better on my videos than I ever did. I used AVS Video Editer to add opening titles, and action-effects, plus some really cool credits at the end, and it worked out TERRIFIC. And now, I was on my way to becoming a comedy-master." -8391ice